About Us

Founded by CEO Michelle Mackel, Plugstar Entertainment represents music artists, actors, authors, models and more, “plugging them in” to opportunities like interviews, magazine features, television appearances, modeling contests, social media campaigns, public appearances and radio play. We also coach our clients on developing a business plan that includes identifying a personal brand, trademarking it, and making themselves both marketable and financially sound.

The element that makes Plugstar different from other public relations firms is the value that we place on education. Like most industries, the entertainment business is not something you can walk into blindly and expect to find overnight success. Rather, it’s important to understand how it works, who the power players are, how to develop and promote your talent, and most importantly, what pitfalls to avoid. At Plugstar, we share that information with our clients because their growth is our growth. To that end, we are currently developing Plugstar TV, a streaming platform that will become an invaluable tool for sharing our expertise.

Plugstar’s services also include development of bios, electronic press kits, press releases, press and video placement, radio campaigns, ghost-writing, and public appearance booking. We also work with a network of affiliates to provide additional benefits for our clients. Don’t undergo your journey alone. Plug in to Plugstar and put our team behind your success.