$4,000-$15,000 – Book ghost writing services *contact for further info on pricing for book

$2,750 – Creation of a Business Plan
The Business Plan will be inclusive and complete, it will include:
1. Cover Sheet
2. Purpose Statement
3. Description of Business
4. Location
5. Marketing Plan
6. Customer Research
7. Market Share Analysis
8. Product or Service Description
9. Personnel Description and policies
10. Business Insurance
11. Financial Summary and Analysis
12. Risk Analysis
13. Resumes of each member
-Grant Writing – Cost:  varies
*Schedule an appt for additional info
-Nonprofit  Setup – Cost: $2,700
1. Creation of Bylaws – $500
2. Creation of Policies and Procedures – $500
3. Completion of IRS 1023 form
a.  complete 1023 – $900
b. complete 1023 EZ – $500
c. complete interactive 1023 – $300
Billboard Placement
Our objective is to provide you with a billboard design that looks professional, meets our design requirements, and costs you as little as possible within 24 hours. In order to pull that off, we keep things simple. There are no revision rounds, and your ad can contain the following:
  • -Main statement: 5 words or less
  • -One picture or logo
  • -One form of contact information (website URL preferred)
  • -Color preferences
  • -location(s) of service
Schedule appt. [CLICK HERE] to get quote on your project .
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Legal Services

Get legal services with all the knowledge and expertise without the expensive fee and huge bill .

Knowledge Panel Services
When it comes to online promotion, getting clicks is the name of the game. The pathway there is to establish a Google knowledge panel, which is the box that appears when people search for people, places, organizations, or things on the Internet. The information contained in the knowledge panel that Plugstar Entertainment creates will pull descriptive details from your bio and brand description to give the searcher a quick snapshot and understanding of who you are. Having a knowledge panel is key to showing up in Google search results and building recognition. Inquire with us today to find out if you’re eligible for our knowledge panel creation service.

Coming soon: Wikipedia page creation services!