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Q: What is Plugstar Entertainment ?

A: Plugstar Ent. provides quality entertainment, opportunities, management, and PR for independent and main stream alike. Our mission is developing, enchanting, and investing in talent.

Q: Why should I join?

A: Simply put, ours is a prosperous affiliate program that will make you money, pay you on time, improve and build your network image, and will help promote your business/ project with you with Plugstar your gaining a business family !

Q: How do I become an affiliate?

A: Click the Affiliate button and complete the simple registration form. One of our dedicated account managers will contact you ASAP so you can start earning and referring potential customers to us.

Q: How and when do we get paid ?

A: Plugstar Ent. will automatically transfers your monthly earnings to the payment method/bank account you specified upon sign up, within the first 15 days of each month. The minimum payout threshold to your account is $50. If your commission for the month is lower than $50, the amount is transferred to the following month’s payout , until the minimum payout amount of $50 is achieved.

Q: How do I know how much money I made?

A: Plugstar Ent. provides you with fully transparent information regarding your commission monthly. We also email you when service is rendered by any of your referrals that are due for payouts so you’ll be able to track.